I didn’t post my musings last week because I was caught up in the excitement of the Nooks launch. (What, Mary? I missed that. Tell me more! Check it out here.)

This week, I’ve been musing about stickers & wheels. …

This Monday musing was sparked when my friend Laura Mignott gently questioned my assumptions (thank you, Laura!). If you aren’t already listening to Laura on The Reset Podcast, download it now!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

What’s in your feed?

Scan your social media feed. (Go ahead. I’ll wait…)

  • Does it tell you about a huge tech conference that…

Photo of me and my son smiling on a sunny day with trees behind us.
Our happy faces as we completed the last leg of our bike tour (me on the left, mini-me on the right).

It was an epic week of adventure as I biked and camped down the coast of New Jersey with my family. My non-linear musings fluctuated between how housing and class intersect and what gender means. Gender won out this morning as this Father’s Day conversation kept popping up…

Father’s Day

“I want…

This Monday morning, my mind is musing all around. The Avengers. Graduation. Biking. Ice cream. But, it keeps coming back to Birds and Bo Burnham.

My mom was a Bird Nerd, and I’ve realized recently, so am I. This post is a tangle of wings, but stay with me…

Close up photo of a tall white bird on the edge of a pond
A pretty bird at the rookery. Photo taken by my mom.



Welcome to the first of many Monday morning musings, as my brain processes the events of the past week. Let’s begin with today…

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day. A long weekend. The official start to summer. I can now wear white pants (although I don’t own any…). But what is it, really?

Blazing a trail for others with equality is a core value of the Trailblazer Community. Learn from three Trailblazers who are stepping up to lead with inclusion during this difficult time.

The amount of change and uncertainty we’ve experienced over the last few months is leaving most of us feeling overwhelmed. Through it all, the Trailblazer Community is rallying together and supporting one another more than ever.

I’m inspired by the Trailblazers who are stepping up and leading with encouragement, empathy…

If you’re a Trailhead newbie wondering how to get started — there’s a trail for that! Let me show you the way.

Chillin’ with Codey at World Tour

Getting Started on Trailhead

Whether you’re learning Trailhead at home, at a Salesforce event like Dreamforce and our Global Gatherings, or at one of our community workshops you’ll want to get yourself properly set up with your Trailhead account.

Fortunately, the folks at Trailhead have created a brand new guided learning path, which we…

Mary Scotton

Technology industry leader, evangelist, and connector who cultivates inclusive communities. She/her. maryscotton.com

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